bentley gt

A: Id buy the GT if it was my money. I prefer sports cars so i wouldn't get the spur. Although both cars would make you look like a rap star id still go with the GT. I only driven the GT so i can't really say much about the spur although i assume its just as nice as the GT. Get the GT, thats my opinion. Good luck.

Oh and I COMPLETELY disagree with you "Lover not a fighter"
To me a car is more than just transportation. Some cars to me are basically art on wheels. It could express very natural shapes but move with raw power. To me cars can be just as seductive as a womans curves but drive just as forgiving or unforgiving as women. Lol. No wonder most guys name their cars girl names. Haha

Q: Where can I get some brake discs for a Bentley Continental GT, without going to the main dealer?
I need to get hold of a new pair of front brake discs for a 2004 Bentley Continental GT. Before I go to the Bentley main dealer and pay through the roof prices, I wanted to see if they were available through any other source. Does anyone know if any aftermarket manufacturer can supply them?? Cheers.

A: check on ebay may be cheaper

Q: How much is insurance on a bentley continential gt?
So I saw this gt for 72 grand not bad compared to other Bentley's and I was just curious as to how much insurance cost's on a car like that?

While I'm at it, is it hard to qualify for a car that expensive, do dealers hesitate to give out loans that high? because typically dealers are generous and will find ways to qualify you, does this apply here too? or is it more like the process of buying a home?

A: Help yourself - you can check your quotes in internet, for example here -

Q: Is a bentley GT coupe worth the hype?
So i finally saved money for a 2006 bentley coupe GT , that's the car i always wanted, now that i test drove it i feel bad throwing all the money on it, it felt just like a regular Mercedes Sl500 Coupe. Thoughts?

A: I wish I could say I had the same problem! From my experience, Mercedes is an excellent automaker in quality and performance. i'd stick with them and consider an SL600, SL63/65 AMG depending on your performance needs/desires. Don't spend so much money on something you yourself won't be happy with. Let me know if you'd like me to test drive one for you!

Q: What type of WOMAN drives a Bentley GT Continental?
What type of woman would you assume drives a gt continental?
What kind of job would you assume she had?

A: i picture her with orange skin and blonde hair, fake breasts, and a relatively nice body. she's middle aged with botox in her face, scared of growing old. maybe she has kids, maybe she doesn't, if she does have kids they definitely hate her for spending $200,000 on a volkswagen phaeton with a bentley badge (ok, maybe not, but if i were her son, i'd feel that way :P).

Q: What car is a cross between the Bentley GT continental & a Nissan micra convertible?
A car that looks similar to both of them basically.
Or am I being unrealistic?

A: If you were to cross a Bentley GT and a Nissan Micra convertible at about 70 mph then the result would probably a hideous loss of life and a mass of twisted metal.

The only car which comes close to that description is the older Fiat Multipla van which is an abortion of a motor car.

Q: Could you put a 2008 Bentley GT V12 engine in a 2008 Dodge Charger that already has a HEMI?
Basically is it possible to swap the engines?

A: yes. contact your race chassis builder of choice with the complete car and donor drivetrain and they will be more than happy to do it. its just that 20-30k pricetag that will be hard to swallow....

Q: is the bentley continental gt the fastest coupe?
I heard from a couple ppl that the Bentley continental GT is the fastest coupe they have. but I believe the skyline GTR may be faster than the Bentley. does anyone know for sure?

A: who cares?
does it really matter how fast cars can go... there speed limits, it doesnt matter if thye go 220 or 20.... theres a speed limit that u cant go over without being charged

Q: How well does the bentley continental GT handle?
I have been considering purchasing a bentley continental or rolls royce phantom due to a new high paying job. My cousin claims that that the bentley drives like a honda. Is this true or is he just making up stories?

A: I have to say it depends on where you're driving it.

On dry paved roads, it drives nicely. I caught myself almost losing the rear end on high speed turning, but that was expected.

As for snow covered roads, I had a problem with low traction and the ABS system overbraking itself.

My suggestion would be go for a test drive. And personally, I'd recommend the Rolls, since I think they drive better and are better looking.

Q: Service and Maintenance cost of Bentley Continental GT 2005?
I know the saying "If your worried about the cost, its not for you" and all that.....but I really just want to know out of curiosity, what is the maintenance and service cost of the Bentley Continental GT 2005 with about 55k miles on it. I don't plan on buying it, but I am curious on the costs on it.
lol as i said i don't plan on buying it.....I just am curious. Lol nobody can just tell me?

A: W12=big money even if you do it yourself. Those vw engines (it is a vw engine) take like 13 quarts of oil. know...if you're buying it at the store that's at least 120 bucks worth of mobil one and one vw/audi drop in filter @10-15 bucks. That's a 135 dollar oil change at home. Take it to the dealership it's going to be around 400 bucks the bentley dealership (depending on the oil used...apparently they use motul synthetic which ain't cheap)...closer to 300 bucks at a vw dealership if the service manager allows it.

I suspect parts and labor would be 40-50% more compared to a domestic v8...

Q: What car would you rather have a ferrari f430 spider or a bentley continental GT and which one handles better?
I really want to get a good car and I want it to be one of those two.

A: The F430 because it's comfortable enough and would spank the pants off the GT in any kind of race. The CGT is good if you would need back seats and it's also about $100K cheaper.

Q: Whats a Bentley Continental Gt oil change cost?
What are the most common mechanical problems a Bentley has?

A: Depends on whether you have the oil changed at a dealer or at Jiffy Lube. Bentley's do not have mechanical problems. Just call the factory and ask them.

Q: Would you bend over for a 22 year old guy in a Bentley continental GT?
That he has bought with his own money. And he is 6'2" and athletic.

A: if you weren't as douchey as this yahoo answers question makes you sound

Q: Where can I get a hold of Bentley Continental GT aftermarket parts?
I already have the famously know GIAC software, gave me about 100 hp, so now its running at 650 hp. Im a horsepower freak though, so I need more. A twin-turbo upgrade would be great. btw, money is not an issue so any ideas are welcome. except changing the engine....

A: check ebay and google it

Q: what would the monthly car payment be on a 2009 Bentley gt?
what would the monthly car payment be on a 2009 Bentley gt

A: close to $2000